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Why do you need a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney®?

Why an Elder Law or Special Needs Law Attorney?

New York Elder Law and Elder Care


Elder law is about more than money. When viewed properly, elder law is about two major things. First, ensuring that your personal wishes—financial, medical, and legal—are carried out; and second, understanding that elder law is a family matter affecting an intricate web of individual relationships.

What elder law is NOT is simply drafting a will, or filing for Medicaid, or any of the other individual concerns that far too many families attack piecemeal, only considering them when they become of immediate concern. While crisis-motivated legal action is usually more costly, appropriate professional planning can be extremely liberating.

Knowing that your potential long-term care needs have already been addressed frees you and your family from needless worry. An experienced New York elder law attorney can present your options and ensure that the proper plan is in place, ensuring that your family doesn’t suffer a financial crisis stemming from a lack of preparation for long-term care.

Wills are important, of course. Ensuring that your assets are disbursed according to your wishes is a vital component of elder law. But a truly diligent New York elder law attorney understands the necessity for proper estate planning—ensuring that the estate you’ve worked so hard to build stays in the hands of those you’ve loved and designated to enjoy it, rather than being chipped away by taxes or family litigation. A solidly constructed, comprehensive estate plan can save tax, court, and attorney costs for you and your family.

Attorneys at Littman Krooks use a variety of tools to care for you, your estate, and your family. Some things spring immediately to mind: Wills, Legacy Planning, Advance Health Care Directives. Other aspects of elder law include:

Contact the team of experienced New York elder law attorneys at Littman Krooks today to schedule a thorough consultation concerning your family’s needs.


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