Littman Krooks Partners Earn Certification to Advocate for Vets

Bernard A. Krooks have received accreditation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans and their spouses with their claims for government benefits. The VA website lists over 375 application forms, and the array of available programs, procedures, and eligibility requirements can be daunting. Littman Krooks can help with the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims.

Benefits include pensions, medical care, educational support, home loan assistance, vocational rehabilitation, and more. One often overlooked program,  for instance, is the Aid and Attendance Pension. This benefit is available to veterans and survivors who require regular assistance to eat, dress, or perform other basic tasks. Eligibility is not dependent upon the existence of a service-related injury.

The VA uses disability guidelines developed during World War II, and this failure to keep pace with medical progress can lead to disputes concerning level of disability, compensation, and care.

“The complexity of the VA system affects veterans of all ages,” observes Bernie. “On an average day, the VA may have hundreds of thousands of disability claims in review. We have 20 years of experience advocating for public benefits, and we’re proud to be able to help vets and their families obtain the funds and services that they’ve earned.”

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