Employers Can Be Great Resource for Workers with Ailing Parents

As a parent ages, many adult children are left to pick up the pieces. The parent’s financial and medical needs increase and issues start to take over the adult child’s work time. Employers who can help their workers connect with elder care resources and allow for flexible schedules can retain hard workers and help them through a tough chapter in life.

Employers that can help workers be proactive about financial planning and health care needs can greatly aid their employees. Access to financial counselors, estate planning experts, and elder law attorneys can be great benefits to offer employees over the phone, via webinars, or in person. During this stage, an adult child often needs help strategizing about long-term care, their parent’s Medicare and Social Security benefits, and should know about important documents to create such as a power of attorney and health care directives.

Often times a parent’s concerns spark the adult child to start thinking about his or her finances and life wishes. Giving employees access to workshops and experts will help them have peace of mind while on the job. Also of importance is caregiver support and counseling resources. Having to take care of an ailing parent can be very difficult. Having a resource to count on and get referrals to deal with their depression, stress, and other concerns is the cornerstone to a solid employee assistance program.

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