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You may be a responsible young adult, making sure your family is taken care of in the long run by putting guardianships, trusts, or advance directives in place. You may be in middle age, or approaching retirement, simply trying to reassure yourself that you’ve covered everything and making sure your money works longer than you do. You may be in your golden years, enjoying your retirement while making plans for your grand children’s future. Or you may be one of the myriad other people who stand to benefit from a consultation with a qualified estate planning attorney.

Industry Insights: Elder Care and Planning Now featuring Bernard A. Krooks

Industry Insights: Elder Care and Planning Now featuring Bernard A. Krooks, Esq.

New York Elder Care Attorneys

Since you could be any of those people, you need an attorney with a wide array of skills. At Littman Krooks, our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of elder law and estate planning. We can advise you concerning veterans’ benefits or Medicaid; we can help you plan for home care or long-term care; we can draft a will; we can help you plan now for the emotional, legal, and financial impact your passing will have on your family.

And it all starts with our willingness to listen to your story. The numbers are important, because finances have so much impact on quality of life. But somewhere amidst all the numbers that make up your life is the person your family will remember—the person whose careful planning safeguarded their future.

There is no time too early to begin planning. An estate plan is critical for families with minor children whose interests need to be protected. And there’s no time too late, either. The New York elder law attorneys of Littman Krooks have decades of experience protecting and stretching their clients’ assets.

Regardless of your age or situation, we’d welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to hear firsthand your family’s story. Let our team of New York elder law attorneys help you safeguard your future.

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