Make Sure Your Will Is Airtight

People often think that because they have executed a Will, their wishes will be 100 percent honored when they pass on. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

A Will that is not properly drafted and is not sufficiently specific can result in lengthy court battles. This can lead to disgruntled family members and grudges that last for generations.

A Will that is drafted from an Internet sample may be inadequate for your specific needs. It is best to hire an experienced estate planning attorney who can help you craft a document that is tailored to your situation, meets the statutory requirements for a valid Will, and protects beneficiaries and fiduciaries.

Here are some suggestions for making sure your wishes are honored:

-Keep copies of all correspondence and conversations with the drafting attorney.

-Be sure to update your Will on a regular basis.

-If you have previously executed a Will, destroy it, along with any drafts.

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